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Tromp Fiduciary Services

Pension Fund Management is a challenging business.

Tromp Fiduciary Services delivers Fiduciary Services and Fiduciary Management. Fiduciary is Pension Fund Management for Pension Fund. Tromp Fiduciaire Diensten levert Fiduciaire Diensten en Fiduciair Beheer. Fiduciair is Pensioenfonds Beheer voor Pensioenfonds.

The complexity of pension fund management, the unpredictability of the capital markets and the potential personal liabilities of fund executives and board members calls for an approach to fiduciary management that is comprehensive, consistent and concise.

What’s needed is a process that ensures the assets arrayed against a fund’s obligations have the highest probability of meeting their objective at the lowest possible cost and risk level. And that a system of oversight and controls is in place to reassure executives, board members and their constituents that the process is moving in the right direction.

What’s needed is a process that protects plan assets, executives, board members and beneficiaries in equal measure.

That’s where Tromp Fiduciary Services can help.