Tromp Fiduciary Services

"Your safety net"


At TFS, we concentrate on one thing – fiduciary effectiveness: we help fund executives and board members evaluate their fiduciary management processes, identify areas of concern and assemble the tools and techniques to strengthen them.

Whether we are undertaking a full review of a fund’s total management practices – a Fiduciary Management Audit – or providing a periodic x-ray of a fund’s overall status – the Fiduciary Management Dashboard – our approach is the same: comprehensive, consistent and concise.

Our clients can be sure that we operate with complete objectivity, from a position of independence and without conflicts of interest.

Although our service to multiple funds ensures that each client can benefit from best practices developed elsewhere, every client can rest assured that their fund data and strategies are kept in strictest confidence.

Our single focus on fiduciary management and lean organizational structure mean that clients never have to compete for resources with other business lines or wade through layers of bureaucracy to get a call-back, a report or a decision.

Just as important, we are pioneers in the development of the evaluation techniques and reporting tools required to ensure that all the elements of a fund’s fiduciary health are in place and that the fund’s ultimate fiduciaries have fulfilled their responsibilities.

We’d like the opportunity to help you in that critical arena.