Tromp Fiduciary Services

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How we can help

Whether it is a one-time analysis or continuing relationship, TFS can help fund executives and board members in an number of ways.


Fiduciary Management Audit
The foundation of our service is a comprehensive analysis of all the moving parts in a pension fund – from liabilities to asset allocation strategy to board reports – and the way they fit together. This rigorous and holistic process identifies any areas of concern for prudent management, fiduciary soundness and board member liability and highlights ways in which practices, procedures, relationships and controls can be strengthened.


Fiduciary Management Advisory
Our audits often identify opportunities for pension funds to strengthen their organization, practices and controls. After conducting an in-depth evaluation of a fund, TFS is uniquely positioned to offer quick, comprehensive advice on how to address areas of concern and adopt best-practice methods and controls. Our objective is always to position the fund to cover its obligations at the least risk and cost and to ensure that executives and board members have the tools they need for proper supervision.


Fiduciary Management Training
Training and coaching is a TFS strength. We work with new fund executives and board members on the full range of fiduciary management issues and with seasoned practitioners on emerging threats or changing regulatory and legal issues. We can help with any facet of fiduciary responsibility.


Fiduciary Management Reporting
TFS has developed a comprehensive, consistent and concise reporting mechanism that keeps fund executives and board members fully appraised of the health and safety of the assets they oversee and how they relate to the liabilities they are charged with. This Fiduciary Dashboard is a precise x-ray of a pension fund’s most critical dimensions, presented in a single, easy-to-understand page.


Project Management
In an era of constrained budgets and rapidly changing capital markets, fund organizations do not always have the resources available to adjust to changing conditions and respond to emerging risks. TFS can help with ad-hoc projects such as selecting a fiduciary manager, strengthening fiduciary oversight, evaluating a manager or service provider, evaluating a securities lending program or reorganizing the overall governance structure. Our “as-needed” approach makes for quick turn-around and low cost burden.


Interim Management and Board Service
Personnel changes can have as profound an effect on a fund’s health as capital market changes. In a time of high career mobility and increasingly complex duties, being short on manpower on the executive team or on the board can be risky. At TFS, we can help funds temporarily add muscle to or plug holes in their roster.