Head of asset management

Many funds outsource their asset management tasks to one or more external investment managers or a to a single fiduciary manager. These agents must then be monitored by the investment committee, the board or the board’s chairman, because assigning a task does not reassign responsibility. Often, the fund’s executives or board members lack the time or knowledge to properly and adequately supervise the external party. As interim head of asset management, TFS ensures that outsourcing is professionally monitored and reconciled to the fund’s goals. Engagements can be short-term or on retainer.


Member of the board/ member investment committee

With the increased complexity of investments, the volatility of the capital markets, the profusion of new asset management and risk-control products and the need for proper balance sheet management, many funds do not have the deep expertise needed to navigate through the issues confidently. Fund executives and board members need a thoroughly qualified partner on their side of the table now, more than ever. If the fund doesn’t have the know-how within its own staff, TFS can fill the gap easily, functioning either as a member of the board or the investment committee. We can help ensure that the fund’s relationships with it’s agents and providers are conducted on a level playing field.


Retained Consultant

Even without taking on a formal role as a board investment committee member TFS can help fund executives fulfill there responsibilities for oversight and governance with a close and continuing consulting relationship. We can function as extra eyes and ears for the board, as well as extra hands to help fund executives.