What’s at risk in Fiduciary Management?

For executives and board members, the answer simple: tasks can be delegated but responsibility can’t. In an age when even modestly sized pension funds engage a host of fiduciary managers to provide a dizzying array of services, the act of delegating tasks actually increases the burden of oversight and personal responsibility. An independent, objective and unbiased analysis of a fund’s fiduciary practices and controls has never been more urgent.

At Tromp Fiduciary Services, our sole purpose is to help pension fund executives and board members verify that the assets entrusted to them are on track to meet the actuarial liabilities they are charged with. And to ensure that their personal liabilities are covered in the process.

Not surprisingly, the comprehensive, consistent and concise approach we have evolved to address the first concern covers the second, as well. The procedures, methods, disciplines and tools that keep a fund’s assets on the proper track, keep the executive team and board members on track, too.

Our inspiration for this approach comes from the polder: We think pension funds are a lot like windmills: simple and serene on the outside, complicated and dangerous on the inside.

Managed properly, a mill can feed the town. When handled carelessly, the results can be disastrous.

Our suite of fiduciary services are designed to ensure that the pension gears mesh properly and the millwheels turn in the right direction and at a safe speed, no matter which way the wind blows.

More directly, that pension fund executives and board members have the tools they need to organize, deploy and monitor their assets prudently and to meet their fiduciary responsibilities, no matter how the capital markets move.